A standard E-mail client

The driving force behind Cypht development is to provide combined views for multiple accounts, but it's also a standard E-mail client that lets you browse and manage IMAP folders and send outbound messages with SMTP

A set of plugins

Cypht is an application built entirely of plugins, or as we call them, module sets (which is obviously way cooler sounding than plugins), that are executed by the framework. Modules provide a flexible way to add new features or customize the program without hacking the code

An open source solution

Cypht is Open Source (LGPL V2), and written in PHP and JavaScript. If you are looking for a lightweight webmail solution for an ISP, school, business, or just personal use, I hope that Cypht can help!


  • Combined inbox, unread, sent, and flagged message views for all your E-mail accounts (and RSS feeds), as well as standard E-mail client folder navigation
  • Flexible profiles to combined IMAP accounts with SMTP accounts and setup signatures and reply to details
  • Move or copy emails from one account to another
  • Compose messages in plain text, HTML, or Markdown (markdown formatted messages are converted to HTML before being sent)
  • Search all your E-mail accounts and RSS feeds at once with a simple form
  • Simple interface translation system that does not use gettext or .po files, just arrays of translated strings defined in PHP. Right to left languages are supported.
  • Module sets for IMAP, SMTP, LDAP or local contacts, WordPress, Github, and lots more! Check out the Modules page for a complete list.
  • Sessions and user data can be stored in any PDO compatible database or flat files on the server
  • Authentication is flexible and currently supports IMAP, LDAP, an included database schema, dynamic authentication using popular E-mail providers, auto-discovery based on the user's E-mail domain, or you can roll your own with the site module set
  • Sessions and Authentication can be customized without breaking any modules using the site module set
the complete list

Have a question about security?

Found a flaw in Cypht?

We want to hear from you! Drop by the Cypht Gitter channel, or send me an E-mail at jason@cypht.org. We take security seriously. Cypht is an entirely volunteer effort, so we can't afford a bounty program. We can however promise that any security issue reported to us before release will receive a quick response, a thorough review, a sincere thanks, and an honorable mention on this page.

A modular design

Instead of an application with a plugin API, Cypht is an application comprised entirely of plugins, or as we call them, "module sets". There is only one required set, the "core" modules. The components of any module set can be added to, or even replaced, by site specific modules. All the functionality of Cypht is broken out into module sets, and each set is built from small pieces that are also easy to override.

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