Want to contribute?

First of all, thank you for interest to cypht! The goal of this page is to provide everything you need to know in order to contribute to cypht-website and its different integrations.

Cypht project as been design with standalone php, no framework required.

Development Workflow

The project as been design with plain html css, no need for extrat features, or a framework.


  1. You're familiar with GitHub and the Pull Request (PR) workflow.
  2. You've read the Cypht documentation and the README.
  3. You know about the Cypht community. Please use this for help.

Git Guidelines

  1. Make sure that the contribution you want to make is explained or detailed in a GitHub issue! Find an existing issue or open a new one.
  2. Once done, fork the cypht website repository in your own GitHub account. Ask a maintainer if you want your issue to be checked before making a PR.
  3. Create a new Git branch.
  4. Review the Development Workflow section that describes the project technology used.
  5. Make the changes on your branch.
  6. Submit the branch as a PR pointing to the master branch of cypht-website repository. A maintainer should comment and/or review your Pull Request. Depending on the circumstances, it may take longer.

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